Creative Ways to Get Free Followers on Instagram in 2021

The Instagram trend has changed from the teenage app for socializing into a massive marketing and selling tool for a broader audience. Since it’s one of the most popular social media globally with 200 million active users per month, you should note any trick to get free Instagram followers. 

With millions of shares and billion likes done per day, Instagram has been a compelling platform to make yourself more famous. The fact that engagement rates in social media networks are fixed around 0.1% it is a different scenario on Instagram. Based on a 2014 study by Forrester, the engagement rates on Instagram were 58 times higher than Facebook, one of the most popular social media for the decade.

Seeing the data, indeed, 58% is not to be neglected. But as a user, you can reach more than that. Even when you’re just an individual user or starting on a new brand, you can be one of the most famous users with many free Instagram followers and free Instagram likes. If you want to reach the stars and become the leading unicorn, there are a few tips to follow:

Branded Hashtag

Using Instagram, you undoubtedly familiar with a lot of its features, including the hashtag. A hashtag can put you into an extensive collection of pictures with the same idea or topic in mind. When you created a dedicated, custom hashtag, you allow other people to see the best contents of your unique brand. Free Instagram likes may do you a favor.

When they feel engaged, you’ll eventually get Instagram followers free all the way. You can also consider creating more specified hashtags for each marketing campaign so that the posts would be more variative and less promotional. 

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If the potential customers have the same interest, there’s a high chance that they might follow you.

Be More Colorful

The word “Boring” and Instagram don’t match together. Instagram is a place when pictures and words combo could engage attention. Behind each picture, hashtag, or caption, there’s a story to be told. You can always be true to yourself, don’t copy other personas who look funny, ironic, or edgy. Find the best in you, because who could be you but you?

Join In Popular Topics

Instagram has become a popular marketing place. So there’s one way to engage the market, by following the old way. Always up to date. In each of your posts, combine your hashtags with popular ones like #instagood, #tbt, or #waybackwednesday. Large numbers of people often visit these popular tags and make sure you can make the best of them. You can also earn free Instagram followers by doing this.

Create Creative Caption

Sometimes, you’ve seen that famous users on Instagram always use a very simple caption that usually consists of two or three words or just a tiny emoticon line. But remember, they already have their market or fans. When building a new presence or brand on this platform, you need to approach it differently.

A picture alone may hold thousand of untold words. You can see some examples from popular accounts, like National Geographic, which has incredible word delivery. 

Of course, your first post would look weird at first. But don’t worry, your skill will be increased along the way. Who knows, maybe in the first few posts, you can get many free Instagram likes and followers.

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